4 Things About Snoring a Great Wall Poster Can’t Fix


Think snoring is just o.k. to live with? Guess again. Snoring gives you a host of medical issues that are usually blamed on other things. You’re basically keeping your brain from healthy amount of oxygen for 1/3 of the day. Not to mention a few less important things like those below. No Wall Poster no matter how great can fix these!

4. Disgruntled partner

This is the most common in society, and the funniest. My girlfriend doesn’t mind when I snore, but I can’t stand it if she does for one second.

3. It can ruin a good TV show

Whether it’s in your childhood, or currently, if you’re watching TV and the other person in the room is snoring, it ruins everything. No matter if you current have a wall poster of it or not!

2. It will wake you up in the middle of the night

Unless you’re wearing an anti snoring mouthpiece like Zyppah, your snores can be loud enough where they wake you up.

1. You will be the butt of your families and kids jokes.

Everyone likes to make fun of the person who snores. This is a joke that will never not be funny, either.




5 Songs I Relate to My Wall Posters


1. The Sopranos Opening Song:

I had a Simpsons Movie Poster with the characters in the same pose as the Sopranos poster. I thought it was very cool.

2. Spiderman Theme Song:

Spidey was my favorite superhero and helped shape the man I am today. Have to love the bug.

3. Be My Escape by Relient k:

They were my favorite band growing up. I can still imagine playing the guitar checking out the poster thinking I would make it too.

4. Relaxing to Tones:

Always been a fan of how Healing Frequencies like Wholetones make you feel. I can listen to them and go back to better times when I would do the same and just lay in bed looking up at the ceiling and my Wall Posters.

5. The Star Wars Theme Song:

Do I even need to get into this? Which one of us didn’t know someone who had the wall poster. We can all envision it.






5 Childhood Events Wall Posters Remind Me Of


1. My first love:

I had a Pamela Anderson poster for a few years. I remember buying it at Wal-Mart with my own money. Even took it to school for show and tell.

2. Learning about losing:

I had Posters of the New York Mets from a young age. Learning about losing and being a Mets fan goes hand in hand.

3. Sitting inside in the summer:

I had ringworm¬† and couldn’t go in the sun. Looking up from my bed throwing a baseball in the air and catching it while staring at my Wall Poster was a large part of those few weeks until my Ringworm Cream Phytozine was able to cure me.

4. Getting inspired:

I kept my Wall Posters of Spiderman and other super heroes close because I like how noble they all were. It was a good group of people to look up to.

5. My taste:

I had a Simpsons movie poster, as well as the South Park movie. These are shows I still enjoy today, which isn’t a problem because they aren’t my favorite anymore.
(Maybe the Simpsons)